When It’s Hot: Restaurant Review Primer

by J. Michael Beza Since the 2020 dining out odyssey has had more twists and turns than Shyamalan movie, I haven’t gotten around to trying many new restaurants. 2021, with any luck, will finally ease us back to normal, and be a safer time for eating out again. As such, it is my goal toContinue reading “When It’s Hot: Restaurant Review Primer”

7 Underrated Foods Everyone Should Try in Japan

by J. Michael Beza Everybody has those bucket list items that they’re planning to try when they travel abroad. The ubiquity of foodie travel content ranging from the Bourdains (RIP) to the Weins has been a salient resource in that regard, leading to incredible restaurant roadmaps for travelers to follow. Nearly everywhere you go inContinue reading “7 Underrated Foods Everyone Should Try in Japan”

How Japan Changed Me as an Eater

I’ve always fancied myself as an authority on food—ever since I discovered there was a channel dedicated to it when I was eight years old which I would flip to occasionally when the viewing on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network got a bit dry. I let myself absorb the teachings of Emeril, Mario, and Alton, andContinue reading “How Japan Changed Me as an Eater”